Thank you all so much

for joining us at 2VIE Event!

Saturday night was a great success and we would like to extend our sincere thanks to you, our friends – Thank you for your wonderful support!

Our special thanks to all participating artists and businesses – couldn’t have done this without you!

Alyson Aliano

Amy Ortiz

Andrea Gomez

Annie Wood

Aurelia D’Amore

Axel Honey

Beth Coller

Bite Me! Music + Fashion

Brooke Bailey

Charlie’s Kosher Deli

David Brady

David Butler MD

Elena Segatini

Faith Oswald

Felipe Dupoy

Gina Sabatella


Heather Spilsbury



James Fee

Jason Markk

Jessica Fiorella

Jill Hundenski

Lawrence Cassel

Leanna Lin

Lovely Jubilee

Luis Jaime

Magic Castle

Maxie Buchanan

Michael Kirchoff

Mike Minadeo

Ophelia Chong

Patrick House

Patti Peters

Paul Guillemette

Peter Bohler


Pop Culture Princess

Quick Art Frame

RA Photography

raw bites

Rob Greer

Rose Lopez

Scott Sudduth

Sergio Teran

Stella Nazari

Steven Lam

Timothy Bailey

Tony Luna Creative

Tyler Bailey

Yoko Kanayama

2VIE Art Auction – July 9th, 2011 – Leanna Lin’s Wonderland

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